Learn how Widr Pay makes payments simple
Widr Pay is built by legal professionals, for legal professionals to make getting paid easy.
Smart reminders

The terms and deadlines are documented

Clients who don’t pay within the terms that you define are sent an email notifying them that the payment is overdue. Theere is a record that they have seen the email.

Most clients pay quickly. Some need a reminder.

You don’t have time to chase down clients and remind them that they have not paid. With Widr Pay, it’s automatic.
BDGS Associés
BDGS Associés has been notified that you ‘ve viewed this Email
Overdue 7 days
2,000 €
Invoice #F57F7F9C-0001
Billed to: Kathryn Pena
Date due: June 07, 2020
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Widr Pay notifies clients at the right time

Artificial intelligence

Our Widr Pay AI works behind the scenes to analyze the time with the shortest delay between notification and payment. You can schedule your payment to be sent at the right time for each client to ensure you get paid on time.
Average collection period shorter by 15% if an invoice sent in the right moment
Simple ways to pay

Help your client to pay you

Add a link to the invoice in your email signature or embed it as a form on your website. We supply the code, and, if needed, the support to install it on your website.

Credit, debit, and SEPA accepted

Over 135 supported currencies
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